New Years Resolutions

Well it is December 31st and I bet a lot of people are planning something for a “New Years Resolutions”.  When I hear about people’s New Years Resolutions, I take them with a grain of salt.  The most common one is to ‘lose weight’ or ‘hit the gym daily’.  Yes, we all want that…but what about leading a healthy lifestyle?  If you lead a healthy lifestyle, you will start to lose weight.

I found this comic while surfing facebook this week.  It had gained many comments stating LOL!  Well…here is a great example of why I take people’s New Years Resolutions with a grain of salt.


I have also gotten a few e-mails about starting the Paleo diet for a New Years Resolution….really?!?!  First off, this is NOT a diet…but a lifestyle!  Secondly, you have to give up a lot of items to go Paleo.  I would recommend Continue reading

More about me…

I have a lot of followers out there and get a lot of questions.  I’m a one women show blogging under Paleo Gone Sassy, with technology assistance from my husband.  Let me tell you a little bit more about me…

…I wake up and eat a scoop of coconut oil every day

…I have a large cup of bone broth daily

…I work out M-F doing a high intensity training (HIT) class Continue reading

Paleo Carrots with Rosemary and Thyme

I have recently discovered the amazing taste when using fresh herbs.  This recipe incorporates two of my new favorites: rosemary and thyme.  I have served this with several different main dishes.  My favorite is to serve carrots with poultry items.  This goes great with chicken!

When cooking carrots, you get to control their texture.  I love my carrots crunchy.  If this is you, only cook for 8 minutes.  If you like your carrots soft, cook them for 12 minutes.  I always pull 1 carrot out and taste it, before I drain the whole pot.

Paleo Carrots with Rosemary and Thyme Continue reading

Christmas Morning Recipes

I love getting up and opening presents on Christmas morning.  We do it in a circle at my parents house.  We always start with the youngest (lucky ‘little’ brother always speaks up) and go we up from there.  I really shouldn’t complain because I’m second, well this year I guess third.  I think if my brother gets ‘his way’ he will be in second because of our new addition to the family (Ashley, my brothers fiancé) might be the big winner starting it off this year!!  Enough on who goes first…lets talk about food!  I love getting up and eating!  Normally we have a small snack before opening presents and then feast on a great breakfast.  However, perhaps you are like my family and looking for a ‘snack’ or a meal to cook/prepare the night before.  Here are a few suggestions from my Paleo friends and I…. Merry Christmas Eve!!!



Paleo Banana Bread Muffins (Perfect ‘snack’ before gift opening)

Christmas Morning

Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake (I bake these the night before)


Caramelized Onion Sweet Potato by JarOhoney (Prep the night before, bake in the AM)


Vegetable Quiché by JarOhoney (Reheat in the morning)


Apple Crisp by  The Curious Coconut (Reheat in the morning)


Paleo Egg McMuffins (Make the muffins the night before)

Green Bean Casserole Paleo Style

Some meals need the famous green bean casserole.  However, when you think about the ‘old fashion’ green been casserole it is full of gluten, dairy and MSG…AND…you spend time putting it all together.  I have created a green bean casserole Paleo style.  It will take the same amount of time to prep, but gives your body fuel for the day.

This recipe calls for the onions to be caramelized.  To caramelize onions, keep your frying pan on low heat and continue stirring every minute or two.  You do not want to burn the onions and this will occur if the heat is too high.  Caramelizing onions can take any where from 10 minutes to 20 minutes, based on the size of your onion and heat on the stove.Green Bean Casserole Paleo Style

Continue reading

Paleo Fruit Cake Review

This week while browsing through my news feed on Facebook, a recipe for “Paleo Booze Cake” (Paleo Fruit Cake) popped up.  I was very intrigued with the ingredients and soaking fruit.  Needless to say, off to the health food store I went to find some dehydrated fruit.  I was unable to find the specific fruit she used and instead used a blend of peaches, apples, raisins and blueberries.  I soaked the fruit for 3 days in Tortuga Pineapple Rum on the counter.  On day 3, there was no liquid left in the bowl…the fruit had absorbed it all.  I HIGHLY recommend you give this recipe a try over the holidays.  It makes a great gift for your favorite Paleo people!  You can find the recipe HERE by Ashley from My Heart Beets!

Paleo Fruit Cake

Thank you for allowing me to share your recipe Ashley!