Broiling a Pablano Pepper

This past weekend at the farmers market, pablano peppers were 75 cents each or 2 for a dollar.  Of course I had to buy two and then I thought I had a long time of preparation for these two.  However, I was shocked at how easy this process was.  I was going to roast the peppers on the grill, but mother nature had a different plan for these peppers with her rain.  So I turned my house into an amazing smell!  I prepared them in the oven and it was easy!  Don’t let a little work scare you from these peppers!!  Pablano peppers are in the same family as the jalapeno’s.  I choose to remove all seeds when using them in dishes, but if you like heat…keep them in!

broiling a pablano pepper

Broiling a Pablano Pepper

2 Pablano Peppers

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21 Day Sugar Detox is COMPLETED!!

Yes, you see that correct, I’ve completed the 21 day sugar detox without sugar!  I decided to take part in the 21 day sugar detox because I needed a ‘reboot’ after enjoying too many Paleo approved snacks and treats over the summer!  I decided to tackle the 21dsd at a level 3.  I picked this level because it fit best with my current lifestyle.  For those unfamiliar with the 21dsd, it has 3 levels to pick from.  Level 1 would be for those who are just getting started.  Level 1 allows dairy and limited grain/legumes into the detox.  Level 2 progresses and cuts out the grain/legumes, but allows dairy.  Level 3 cuts out the grain/legumes and dairy.  Please note, in the book author Diane Sanfilippo provides a detailed list of approved, limited and avoid foods.  If you are looking for a black and white detox plan, the 21 day sugar detox is for you!

You just read I have no sugar, let me state the only form of sugar I have had is from green tip bananas or granny smith apples.  When I first had a granny smith apple, I thought my stomach was going sour with each bite.  Needless to say, the next day I added almond butter to my apple and it made it more enjoyable.  About 20 days later I now enjoy consuming a raw granny smith apple, just took baby steps to get here!

Preparing food was easy on this plan.  I still did all my prep on Sunday’s and then ready to go for the week.  I can not say I ran into any problems with eating at home, eating outside of the home became a small struggle.  I will say, Qdoba and Chipolte came to my rescue!!  I got a simple meal of meat, 3 scoops of pico de gallo, large amount of lettuce and add guacamole.  It was a yummy treat to not having to prepare it!  I found myself ordering lots of salads if I was eating out with friends, most restaurants have a cobb salad (hold the cheese) and this became my go-to item.


Did this work?  For me, it did work!  I’ve sat still at the same weight for about 4 months.  My trainer kept telling me to cut out my Paleo treats and maybe indulge just one day a week.  Well, she may have been right (yes, Carrie you were correct). In the last 3 weeks I have lost 4 lbs according to the scale.  I’m not a big fan of the scale, but do you use it once a week to check myself.  I have learned that a higher number does mean fat and it took me a long time to get there.  NOW, I knew I was loosing weight because my clothes were fitting differently.  They were looser and enjoyable to wear (haha).  I’ve been on the fence between a 9/10 and 11/12.  Needless to say the 11/12 will be hanging in my closet for bloated days (when gluten sneaks into a meal) and the 9/10 is where I am!

Is this plan for you?  I think the 21 day sugar detox is for anyone because of the levels incorporated within it.  At the end of the day, it’s mind over matter.  You need to decide what you want to accomplish.  Temptation is present in our daily lives, it is how we prevail which describes our character!!  Within the book, the author describes how you may feel from day-to-day and this may help a participant to know what their body is experiencing and going through…not to mention you will know it is not just you experience something (ex. headache).


Looking for a change, I’ll let you in on a secret, there is never a good time for change!  There will always be excuses.  Take control and make change happen!  If you are interested in the 21 day sugar detox, you can purchase the book at a book store or on Amazon!  This book is full of knowledge and recipes!!  Good luck on your next adventure!!

Shrimp Stir Fry

My oh-my, has it been a busy week!  Have you ever had a moment when you walk in the door and are starving?  This happens to me all the time!  A favorite go-to quick recipe is Shrimp Stir Fry which takes 15 minutes to make and is very yummy!!  I think it is more time-consuming to peel the shrimp than it is to cook the dish.  Lucky for me…I have a husband who was willing to have a job in the kitchen today (this speeds up the time with his cranky wife).  Yes, it is true, I get cranky/moody when I’m hungry.  He’s been known to give me food when I get snippy.

This recipe calls for sriracha sauce.  We do not like our food too spicy, but to have flavor.  I felt one teaspoon is just right for us.  I recommend you start small and work up to your desired ‘heat’.  Over one teaspoon and my mouth is blazing.

You can add or substitute vegetables.  Below are my ‘go-to’ stir fry vegetables.


Shrimp Stir Fry

1.5 lbs of peeled raw shrimp
2 carrots thinly sliced
1 head of broccoli cut into small pieces
12 snap peas
2 tbs olive oil

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Baked Paleo Rice

One white starchy item I may occasionally miss is white rice, until I discovered baked Paleo rice.  Yes, you read that right…baked rice!  I use to make Paleo rice on the stove, but if I got distracted it went soggy and I lost my ‘rice’ and it became mashed potatoes.  However, baked rice gets different texture from the pan.  I would explain the texture best as REAL rice.  Yep, this rice gets a great texture!  I have also used baked Paleo rice as a base for fried rice and spanish rice.

Baked Paleo Rice

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