Smokey Steak Marinade

Spring is here!  I’ve seen the birds flying in the sky and we have started to open our windows to allow fresh air in!  I’m also starting to smell neighbors cooking on their grills!  I love the smell of charcoal and bonfire smoke.  The smell of bonfire smoke takes me up north were we spend our time sitting around the bonfire chatting or laughing!  If there is a silence among us it is because we have spotted a shooting star!

Often we are the type of family who just throws a piece of meat onto their grill and calls it great!  Occasionally, we want our meat to marinate and take on a taste of herbs and spices.  This recipe for smokey steak marinade has a great taste with the lemon and smoked paprika, each ingredient it complimenting one another and leaving for a party in your mouth!!

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Almond Butter Bars

I like simple and easy!  These almond butter bars are both.  All the work can be done in a food processor, then dump into a pan and bake.  I do not know of anything easier than blend, pour and bake.  I’m thinking this can be done by someone who is an expert or a novice cook.

I have to share something I’m super excited about….my sister-in-law has been cleared to eat almonds!!  As you know many Paleo bake goods have almonds and when I go home I have to be careful not to cross contaminate with her consuming my creations.  However, she just got the clear from her doctor she can start consuming the almonds and from my understanding she’s loving her new options!!

Almond butter taste varies from brand to brand. I have consumed many jars of almond butter.  I have a few favorite brands and like to rotate them when creating dishes.  I urge you to experiment and try different brands with this recipe.  Each brand has their own taste!

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Pan Fried Pork Chops with Apples

Looking for an easy meal with a bit of natural sweetness?  This is a great meal and easy to make.  We make this dish when we are crunched for time but want a healthy meal.  There is just something about pork, it tastes amazing.  I’m fortunate to get amazing pork from a local farmer.  They treat their pigs as though they are their children.  Currently they are working towards building a new barn because their old barn is not operating correctly, which resulted in some piglets moving into their house this winter to stay warm.  To me that says a lot about who they are and what they represent!  I’m a huge fan of buying from local farmers and supporting your community.  Reach out to your farmers at your farmers market and get to know them.  I’m always memorized by how much they know about their products.  Some days I leave learning a ton of new information!!

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