Blueberry Lemonade Pie

I have taken two of my favorite summer items (blueberries and lemonade) merged them together to create a Blueberry Lemonade Pie.  Not only is this pie packed with nutrients from the blueberries, but also from the Vital Proteins gelatin.   Gelatin is amazing for our skin, hair and joints.  I try to consume some everyday through a powder or directly from my chicken feet bone broth.  The important piece to me is knowing where my food comes from.  Vital Proteins has great standards and this is important to me!

When creating this dish, you will notice there is no sugar in it.  Your lemonade will give your pie some sweet taste.  I find often society over sweetens treats and we leave with a ‘sugar buzz’.  With this dish, you want tart and sweet to merge to create a settle taste bud delight.

This pie is a great treat for a summer picnic.  Guests love the taste and always comment on the texture.  I recommend my Blueberry Lemonade Pie for a hot summer day when you do not want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen creating a summer dish.

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Sunrise Fuel

I think I can officially call myself a juicer.  Prior to January, I had an old juicer and was using it periodically, but stopping at the juicer (JuicyLeaf) in town more often than making my own.  I decided with the snow coming, I could upgrade if I truly needed an new appliance (I may hoard appliances).  So I gave myself a 30 day challenge.  If could juice with my old juicer for 30 days I could upgrade.  So I did and purchased a Breville and have not been happier!  I juice almost every morning.  At first I found it time consuming, but as time goes on I find it does not take longer to make a juice than a smoothie.  I’m loving how well my body has responded to juicing too!  I’m not a huge vegetable fan (many cause me to bloat raw) and juicing has not affected my system!

I often make sunrise fuel on Sunday mornings.  I find this is a great detoxing drink with the grapefruit, mint and lemon!  Saturday’s tend to be a day I’m exposed to dairy and the citrus helps flush my system and reduce my water retention quicker.

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Strawberry Chocolate Swirled Banana Bread

I love banana bread.  It may be one of my favorite recipes to make.  I love the simpleness to creating the bread and the amazing texture it has.  Well I have taken my love for banana bread, strawberries and chocolate and merged them all together for an amazing strawberry chocolate swirled banana bread.  To make this recipe, I’m going to let you in on a little secret of mine to save some time…I throw all the ingredients in a food processor and blend it up…again…super simple.  I should add, when I state all ingredients it is everything but the coconut flour.  Coconut flour is an absorbing flour and will change the texture of the mixture when added in.  Often it causes a runny mixture to turn stiff like a batter.  This said, I always wait until the last-minute to add coconut flour because it changes the consistency to what I desire at the end of baking.  If you don’t have a food processor, follow my step by step directions below.

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