Carne Asada

Just about every week, I make a visit to our local Tacquira.  I always order carne asada, hold the tortilla.  So my order goes like this, “Yo hablo espanol muy poco.  Yo quiero carne asada, para yo no quiero la tortialla.”  She always stares at me and then puts the beef in a box with lots of pico di gallo sauce!  My mouth is watering already as I type this from the taste of carne asada!

We are getting low our grass-fed beef selection.  Our next share of beef comes in two weeks!  I can’t wait, but until then I have to use up what we have in the freezer.  I decided to experiment with a beef lion sirloin steak.  I did take the large steak and cut it into a few smaller pieces prior to marinating it.  This cut of meat was AMAZING for carne asada!

The key to this recipe is the marinating process!  The marinate smells amazing and will flavor and tenderize the meat!  I recommend marinating your meat for 8-10 hours.

You can serve your carne asada on a bed of lettuce or in a Paleo tortilla wrap.  I recommend Simple Paleo Toritllas by Stupid Easy Paleo.  You can find her recipe here


Carne Asada

Marinate Ingredients
4 gloves of garlic minced
2 limes juiced
1 juicing orange juiced
2 tbs vinegar
1 cup stuffed with fresh cilantro
1 tbs Himalayan salt ground
1/3 cup olive oil
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
Beef Ingredients
2 lbs beef lion sirloin steak
1. Place all marinate ingredients into a blender and puree mixture.
2. Place beef in a bag and pour marinate on top of it.
3.  Marinate meat for 8-10 hours in the refrigerator.
4.  Take meat out of the refrigerator and allow it to get to room temperature (about 30 minutes).
5.  Grill your meat to your desired taste.  We like ours medium-rare and it is 3 minutes a side.
6.  Slice your cooked beef into small strips or squares.
7.  Place your carne asada on lettuce or inside a Paleo tortilla and serve with a lime slice.

**Carne Asada tastes amazing the next day served cold on a bed of salad greens with fresh pico de gallo**





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