Chilled Watermelon Strawberry Soup

A little while back I got a whole watermelon and decided to turn it into juice using our Vitamix.  Needless to say, I didn’t realize how much juice I would get from a whole watermelon.  I ended up with about 10 cups (my recipe only needed 3 cups).  I froze a bunch of the juice and decided I would pull it out of the freezer.  I defrosted it and made chilled watermelon strawberry soup.  This soup is sweet from the watermelon and strawberries, but has a slight sour end taste from the lime juice.  I made some extra and put it in the freezer and it made AMAZING ‘ice cream’ too.

The directions below are simple. I love when you can throw everything into one machine.  It makes for a quick clean up.  I will admit…I HATE cleaning dishes.  However, I have found to respect the dishes and clean them up because they provide me with amazing food!


Chilled Watermelon Strawberry Soup

3 cups watermelon juice
1 cup strawberries whole (I used 8 strawberries)
1 Tbl lime juice
2 Tbl Coconut milk (out of a can)
1.  Blend all ingredients in a blender.
2.  Garnish with fresh mint.
**You can find directions on how to make watermelon juice in my post “Watermelon Jello

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