Non-Perishable Paleo Food

The school year is here, I can’t believe the big yellow bus will start driving through our neighborhood again.  My oh my, where has the summer gone?  Needless to say, we are still in the season of fresh fruits and vegetables, but when crunched with time I have a few favorite go-to non-perishable Paleo food items I wanted to share with you.  These items would be great packed in a lunch box, purse, suitcase or briefcase.  My purse is always stocked with one of these items!

I have listed prices and linked the titles to websites where I have found the best price for these items online.  If you have access to a Food Co-Op, sometimes I find these items cheaper during a sale.

Some of these perishable items may seem expensive; however, let me put reality into perspective.  If you stopped at a fast food chain, most items add up close to $5 and are filled with junk (gluten, msg, greasy unknown meat, etc…).  The items I’m mentioning below always leave me feeling full of energy and satisfied.



Beef Stixs from Paleo Steve

These beef sticks come in a pack of four.  I can not eat four and often grab these when my husband and I will be together.  I’m satisfied after eating one, but my husband needs two or three. These taste like beef sticks you can buy at the gas station, but they are lacking the nasty fillers!  Paleostix are full of free range grazing beef which is raised without antibiotics or added hormones.  These stixs are $4.95 for a 4 pack.


Epic Bars

If you are looking for a straight meat bar, EPIC is for you!  These bars are great for traveling and using as a meal replacement.  The habanero cherry has just the right kick for my taste buds!  These bars are made with 100% grassfed beef.  One bar is $2.89.


If you are wanting protein, but craving sweet, I think Paleo Steve has the best solution…Berky.  Berky is a combination of beef jerky and berries.  I get excited when I rip open the container and smell the aroma!  His jerky is very soft to chew, while the berries melt in your mouth!!  A small bag of berky is $3.50.


Yes, occasionally I get a really weird craving for salty.  I’ve turned into a sardine snob and will only purchase Blue Galleon brand.  I have to have my sardines in tomato sauce because I find it masks the sardines fishy taste.  If I eat a can of sardines for lunch, I always feel extremely satisfied.  A can of sardines cost around $2.99.


Primal Pacs

Primal Pacs let you pick what you want to eat inside their blue bag.  They have dried cranberries, almonds, macadamia nuts, a large piece of dried mango, and grass fed jerky all packaged in one bag!  I like their jerky because it is a bit tough and gets you chomping!  Their jerky is from grass-fed beef.  They sell their pacs in a bundle of 5 for $17.75.




Pumpkin Seeds

These are my new addiction!  I did not like pumpkin seeds until I tried them from Eden Organics.  Their pumpkin seeds taste fresh when I open the bag and have a soft texture to them.  To be honest, I think they melt away in my mouth as I chew them!  I get about 3 or 4 servings out of one bag.  A bag costs $1.99

Brad’s Raw Onion Rings

When my husband sees these packed in our travel bag, I think he gets ‘hungry’ the minute we pull out of our drive way! These have a great crunch to them and an amazing taste!  They are a great raw treat, and are vegan friendly and organic.  One box costs $8.00

Almond Crackers
Almond Crackers

These crackers are made from almonds, flax and spices.  These crackers are low carb and vegan friendly.  I grab these when I want crunch.  I love the texture and flavoring.  I have been known to use them with my sardines.  One box costs $8.00



I love prepackaged nuts.  I usually purchase packs at Trader Joe’s.  I look for the plain varieties, nothing fancy for me.  I normally have a cashew bag or trail mix bag in my purse.  About mid afternoon, I find myself pulling out a bag for some pick me up power!  Prices vary based on nuts.


Jackon’s Honest

I should have never discovered this brand because I can eat a whole bag in one sitting!!  This is AMAZING Paleo ‘junk-food’.  They use coconut oil to make their potato chips.  I often put a handful into a small jar, screw on the cap and indulge mid-day.  I like them stored in a hard container because then I do not get crumbs when I eat them.  You can purchase them in single serve bags or large bags.  One large bag costs $4.99

Justin’s Nut Butters

I love how portable and easy these nut butters are.  They are very discreet and I may put them into my pocket to sneak food into a venue (shh…).  These packets are very yummy alone or squeezed on top of fruit.  One pouch costs about $1.25

Ella’s Kitchen Food Pouches

Perhaps Ella’s food pouches are meant for babies, but don’t judge until you have tried!  These are a great way to pack nutrients into a busy day!  They have very minimal simple ingredients. I love the one pictured above which has (4) ingredients: apples, spinach, rutabagas and lemon.  One pouch is $1.80.


The name says it all, DANG!  I love these coconut chips any time of day!  I think they are best as a sweet treat, but find myself grabbing for them when I want crunch too.  These travel great in your purse!  I personally buy the large bag, but they do have a small bag option too.  The large bag is $4.50 and the small bag is $2.70.


PaleoKrunch bars

PaleoKrunch bars are similar to a traditional granola bar, but lack all the unnecessary ingredients. PaleoKrunch bars are made of nuts, seeds and dried fruit.  The flavors change with the season and the bars have a shelf life of one year.  I find myself munching on these for a snack or breakfast.  One bar is $2.90



This is my personal outlook on these items.  I have purchased all these items with my money and the companies have not asked for an item review.  There is no compensation to me if you buy these items.  

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