Paleo Banana Pancakes with Gelatin

I love easy and simple.  This recipe is both!  I often find I have over ripe bananas in our house and get tired of banana bread/muffins some days.  I’ve created Paleo Banana Pancakes with Gelatin.  When adding in the gelatin, sprinkle in a little at a time and continue whisking.  If you mix in too must gelatin at a time, it will chunk together.  I gave the batter a light dusting of gelatin and then whisk, light dusting, whisk and repeat four or five times.  Gelatin has many health benefits and I love to incorporate it into my foods in the winter when my joints get cold.  I highly recommend Great Lakes Gelatin Company.  You can make this recipe without gelatin, in the event you do not have it in your cupboards.

Paleo Banana Pancakes with Gelatin

Paleo Banana Pancakes with Gelatin

2 eggs
2 bananas – smashed down
1 TBL gelatin
2 TBL coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla or 1 vanilla bean
1.  Whisk eggs and banana together.
2.  Add in vanilla and whisk until all bumps are gone.
3.  Gradually add in the gelatin.  (See notes above)
4.  Heat the pan and put the coconut oil on it.  The coconut oil will help the edges to get crispy.
5.  Once coconut oil has melted, add small drops of batter on the pan.
6.  Allow the mixture to fully cook before flipping, it takes about 3 minutes per side.

11 thoughts on “Paleo Banana Pancakes with Gelatin

  1. I stumbled upon your blog while researching paleo. I have about 150 pounds to lose and have a friend who is paleo. I happened to have these items so I just tried this recipe minus the gelatin. I thought it was very tasty. Almost like a thick crepe. I enjoyed it. Thanks!

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  6. Love your blog and all the great recipe ideas! The only thing its missing is a Print feature! Would love to see that so I can print the recipes I want to try.

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