Paleo Bone Broth

Paleo bone broth is a huge part of my Paleo lifestyle.  I try to make a batch of bone broth every weekend and then use it throughout the week in soups or drink it like tea.  Yes, drinking it like tea sounds weird, BUT on a cold day it tastes just as good as warm water does.

Why is bone broth important in my lifestyle?  Bone broth is full of nutrients and minerals.  Often Paleo lifestyle is referred to as the “Caveman Diet” because we eat as our ancestors did a long time ago.  A long time ago nothing went unused from an animal.  They would boil the carcasses left over from their hunts to create rich soups/broths.

It is believed bone broth can improve digestion, reduce cellulite, immune health, allergies, brain health, hair growth/strength and much more.

When gathering my ‘bones’ I may use a left over carcase from a rotisserie chicken or meat bones from our butchers.  This batch in the pictures is from chicken backs (which I get at the Farmers Market from a local free range chicken farm).

Each bone broth batch I make is different.  I’m going to give you the base to my bone broth and then let you pick what you want to add in for flavor.  I usually just add the vegetables I have not used up in the week to clean out room for new produce from the Farmers Market.


Paleo Bone Broth

20 cups water
2lbs bones
1.  Place water, bones and any add-ins in a tall pot and bring to a boil. (This batch has the following add ins: onions, celery, liver and a jalapeno)
2.  Once the pan is boiling, reduce heat to allow the broth to simmer.
3.  Allow your mixture to simmer for awhile (I tend to do about 4-10 hours).
4.  Once you are ready to strain broth, remove from heat.
5.  Strain broth into jars
      *This process sounds easy, but I do it in steps.  Step 1: Strain the mixture with a large plastic strainer into a bowl.  Step 2: Using a fine mesh strainer, I strain the broth again while pouring it into a jar.  I like my broth to be smooth with no pieces of chicken, especially when I drink it like tea…YUM!*
6.  This batch gets me 2 – 64oz jars and 1-32 oz jar.  I will use 1 64oz jar in a week and then I freeze the second jar.  This is a process…I place it in the fridge for 2 days and then move it to the freezer.  I also place the jar in a plastic bag, in the event I would have it break on me.  However, I have found the trick is 2 days in the fridge first.
 Paleo Bone Broth
Add in options:
Onion split into 1/4’s
Garlic cloves (add in the last 30 mins of cooking)
Cut up carrots
Cut up celery
Beets cut in half
5-6 frozen chicken liver pieces (high in vitamins and minerals)
Jalapeno (de-seeded)