Paleo Products We Love

When I got started with living a Paleo lifestyle, I was overwhelmed by options. I mean there are a ton out there. Here are some products we always have in stock on our shelves or traveling in our food bag on vacations. And the best part is, if we run out…they get delivered to our door!


Vital Proteins is a a company who believes only the best ingredients should go into your body. Their company creates canisters with grass-fed beef gelatin and pasture raised grass-fed collagen. This said, we use their collagen peptides everyday. It’s easy to sneak into your coffee, smoothies or baked goods. There is no taste associated with it and it carries the taste of the item it is being added too. We also use their gelatin for creating a jell-o substance item or as a substitution for eggs. I love adding this to items to give them additional all natural protein and nutrients.

Original Snack Mix-Bag Square

Bubba’s Fine Food aka my Paleo crack. Bubba’s creates the most amazing Paleo snack mix. The taste reminds me of ‘chex mix’ but it’s all natural and made with wholesome ingredients. The snack mix bag includes cashews, banana chips and pecans. We often taken our pale crack with us on car rides, as a snack dish to pass at parties, hiking or while sitting on the sofa watching tv. Their snack mix is off da chain! I also enjoy their granola. We use it for breakfast, on top of fruit for a crumble or with coconut milk yogurt. For the month of February, Paleo Gone Sassy readers can save 10% with the coupon code SASSY10


Primal Life Organics is an all natural product company. We use multiple products from them. You can read all about the products we use and more —-> HERE



Ottos Naturals Cassava Flour is a one-to-one replacement for ‘regular’ flour. Their product is amazing and can be used as a substitute when creating your favorite recipe. We use their flour as part of breading an item, baking sweets or thickening soup/gravy. For the month of February, she is giving all of you 10% off your purchases with the coupon SASSY10. There is always free shipping, no coupon needed!



Thrive Market Place is an online grocery store. I love shopping here because they already have their items labeled. I can easily browse their Paleo section, add our favorites or pick new items to try and place them into our cart. There is a fee associated with the online grocery store, but with their wholesale prices we have ‘saved’ the money and then more within our first two months.