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Best of 2015 (1)

First off, the blog has been quiet these past two weeks as I’ve been enjoying my time with family and friends.  This is the season to see and do as much as we can, but remember to savor and cherish the moments.  This said, I ended up cooking a Christmas dinner at my in-laws and assisting with side dishes at my families Christmas.  I guess I have gained a reputation for producing yummy food and now get asked to take part in the kitchen.  My only thought is…cooking in someone else kitchen is hard because you do not know their utensils and what they have or can grab for something quickly.  I always survive and the food always turns out amazing!

I’m intrigued to know what your favorites are of the 2015 year.  Was it a recipe you made?  Was it a gift you received?  Was it a memory you have made?  Was it a trip you traveled?  There are lots of ways to define a great 2015 year.  After looking at all my recipes for this year, I have created the Best of 2015 in Paleo Gone Sassy recipes.  Each picture is linked, click on the picture and you will be redirected to the recipe.  If you haven’t saved/pinned/yummed these recipes, you may want to take a second to save them for your 2016 cooking year!

Twice baked macaroni and cheese (1)Whole Chicken

Muffins  10 minute

almondbutterbarsPork Chops with Fig Compote

Instant Pot  Easy Breezy Pancakes Strawberry Bagels (1) Paleo Icing

GingerbreadCookies SugarCookies


Have a great few days wrapping up the 2015 year!  We continue to recharge our bodies with nutrients from nature after enjoying a great holiday!  Follow along with us on Instagram.  I have posted a few smoothie/juicing recipes on my posts over there.  I hope all your wishes come true with the new year.

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