Smokey Steak Marinade

Spring is here!  I’ve seen the birds flying in the sky and we have started to open our windows to allow fresh air in!  I’m also starting to smell neighbors cooking on their grills!  I love the smell of charcoal and bonfire smoke.  The smell of bonfire smoke takes me up north were we spend our time sitting around the bonfire chatting or laughing!  If there is a silence among us it is because we have spotted a shooting star!

Often we are the type of family who just throws a piece of meat onto their grill and calls it great!  Occasionally, we want our meat to marinate and take on a taste of herbs and spices.  This recipe for smokey steak marinade has a great taste with the lemon and smoked paprika, each ingredient it complimenting one another and leaving for a party in your mouth!!

Smokey Steak Marinade

Smokey Steak Marinade


1 lemon (juice)

1 tsp smoked paprika

1/2 cup avocado oil

2 steaks


1.   Place the smoked paprika, lemon juice and avocado oil in a bowl and whisk together.

2.  Place your steak in a container/bag and pour marinate over top of the steak.

3.  Move the mixture around to make sure the steak is marinating with all flavorings.

4.  Allow steak to marinate a hour to four hours.  The longer the steak marinades the stronger the flavors will become in your steak.

5.  Cook steaks to desired internal temperature.

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