Sunrise Fuel

I think I can officially call myself a juicer.  Prior to January, I had an old juicer and was using it periodically, but stopping at the juicer (JuicyLeaf) in town more often than making my own.  I decided with the snow coming, I could upgrade if I truly needed an new appliance (I may hoard appliances).  So I gave myself a 30 day challenge.  If could juice with my old juicer for 30 days I could upgrade.  So I did and purchased a Breville and have not been happier!  I juice almost every morning.  At first I found it time consuming, but as time goes on I find it does not take longer to make a juice than a smoothie.  I’m loving how well my body has responded to juicing too!  I’m not a huge vegetable fan (many cause me to bloat raw) and juicing has not affected my system!

I often make sunrise fuel on Sunday mornings.  I find this is a great detoxing drink with the grapefruit, mint and lemon!  Saturday’s tend to be a day I’m exposed to dairy and the citrus helps flush my system and reduce my water retention quicker.


Sunrise Fuel


1 grapefruit peeled

1 lemon peeled

1/2 inch fresh ginger

1 cup fresh mint (stems are fine)

1 cup bib lettuce

1 green apple (skin on)

1/2 inch banana pepper

1/3 cup green cabbage


1.  Place all ingredients through a juicer.

2.  Enjoy your drink!!

*Please remember with any juice, you control the ingredients.  Each juice can be changed to accommodate your taste buds.  A great example is my husband enjoys this drink, but with 2 grapefruits in his sunrise fuel.*

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