Paleo Breakfast Cookies

First let me start by saying, we do not eat breakfast cookies very often for breakfast.  However, there are moments when we will be in a hurry and I’ll make a batch the road.  I also find myself grabbing for them throughout the day, meaning they are not just meant for breakfast.  I think one big concept I had to grasp when I went Paleo is cookies, muffins, cakes, cupcakes and brownies are still ‘treats’ even if they are Paleo.  For the first month or two, I thought I could get away with any sweet because it was Paleo, yet this wasn’t the case.  My system is sensitive to sugar and carbohydrates now, so I do watch what/how much I consume.

The base to this recipe is a plantain.  If the plantain is green, it is more like a potato when cooking it…hard and lacking taste.  As it ripens and becomes brown, it takes on more of a sweet banana taste and texture.  The key to this recipe is to have a ripe plantain, even thought the skin may be looking like a rotten banana, don’t let that fool you.  The darker the peel, the sweeter the plantain will be.  Plantains are a favorite in our house from chocolate chip cookies to pancakes.

Two things I want to make note on this recipe.  First, this recipe is egg free because of the gelatin.  However, it is very important the gelatin cools after cooking because this is part of the ‘set-up’ process.  It’s very tempting to grab a hot cookie off the pan, but it will be very very soft without allowing it to cool.  Second, you will noticed I have listen organic raisins.  I pick and choose what I eat organic and there is a reason for everything.  I pick organic raisins because they are sulfate free.  That means they are the closest thing to ‘all natural’ and do not have anything to preserve them.

Paleo Breakfast Cookies

Yields 12 cookies

1 brown plantain

3 tbsp organic raisins

3 tbsp hemp seeds

3 tbsp chocolate chips

1/2 cup almond flour

3 tbsp maple syrup

2 tsp vanilla

1 scoop Vital Proteins gelatin Continue reading

Sweet Caroline T18 and Chocolate Chip Plantain Cookies

Today’s blog post comes from one of my amazing Alpha Chi Omega sorority sisters named Cressie Boggs.  She has educated me on Trisomy 18 through her personal experience with her daughter, Caroline.  If you don’t know what T18 is, please read her story below (feel free to share it too!) and check out the yummy cookie recipe she shares at the end!


My name is Cressie Boggs and I want to share my daughter Caroline’s story with you.  Caroline is 10 months old and I am her voice.  Let me start by sharing our story of how Caroline joined the world…


I am a very positive person.  I know everything happens for a reason, although I may not understand it at the time.  I was glowing from being pregnant with my third child.  I was proud of my family and excited for my two children to have another sibling join them in our Bogg Family.  Everything about my pregnancy was normal up until 23 weeks.


Here I am, a pregnant mother at 23 weeks pregnant, my husband and I were brought into our midwives office and asked to sit down.  She informed us that our unborn child tested positive (via materniti21 blood test) for Trisomy 18.  At that moment, I was confused and unsure what the future laid ahead for my family and I.  Next thing I know, I found myself researching and learning about Trisomy 18.



This is where our journey started… Continue reading

Gingerbread Cookies

Ready for the best gingerbread cookie recipe?  I think I’m slowly dying down in the cookie making and this may be my last cookie recipe of the holiday baking season.  My husband informed me today we have enough cookies in our freezer to last us through the winter.  Little does he know all those cookies are heading off to different houses in cookie boxes.  This helps me stay on track while visiting with friends and family, yet also allows other to taste how wonderful Paleo bake goods can be.  My gingerbread cookies are free of dairy.  My sister-in-law does not do dairy well, so I created a recipe using coconut oil versus butter.  If you prefer to use butter, I’m sure the recipe will be great.

Frosting can be done two ways.  To make this recipe 100% Paleo you can use my cashew frosting recipe.  However, I will be taking these to my families Christmas and my sister-in-law is allergic to cashews and I needed an alternative.  I used organic powder sugar (organic powder sugar is free of gluten and corn starch) with vanilla, coconut oil and coconut milk.  I’ll let you in on a decorating tip of mine, I fill a sandwich size Ziploc bag and pipe it through the corner to make decorating easy.

Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread Cookies


1 egg

1/2 cup coconut oil

3 tbsp molasses

1/2 cup maple syrup

2 tsp pumpkin pie spice

1 tsp  cinnamon

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/4 cup coconut sugar

2 1/2 cups almond flour

3/4 cup cassava flour

pinch of salt and pepper Continue reading

Paleo Sugar Cookies

Christmas time makes we want Paleo sugar cookies.  I’m not sure if this is because it brings back childhood memories or because I love cookies.  My recipe for Paleo sugar cookies is for all my Paleo friends.  Now, what you put on top of the cookies is your preference.  You could decorate cookies with my Maple Frosting to make it 100% Paleo, but with cashews it does not hold color very well.  We pick our battles and decided for to make frosting with organic powder sugar.  The reason for organic powder sugar is it is made with tapioca flour versus corn starch.  Yes, the powder sugar is sugar and I do not need the Paleo Police reminding me.  I feel each person has a version of Paleo in their lifestyle.  I never said I’m 100%, I’m a 90-10.  That 10 comes into play when something special happens (ex. Christmas or a date night with friends).  What I always do is eliminate all gluten because that will cause some nasty water weight, foggy mind and sore joints.  To each their own and I’m sure you are comfortable with the decisions you make!

Lets talk flour for one minute.  This recipe is made with two primary ones, almond and cassava flour.  Cassava flour is a 1:1 for white flour.  However, with a high price tag a little will go a long ways.  Cassava flour can not be substituted with another flour.  It’s a unique flour and creates the ‘normal’ dough consistency.  This said, we buy from Otto’s and took advantage of their Black Friday sale to stock up!

When rolling the dough out onto the counter top, do not be shy with your flour.  The flour is what stops the dough from sticking to the counter and will help with an easy lift with the cookie cutters.  As the dough chills, it will become sticky.  Try to work fast.  If it becomes too sticky, place it back in the fridge to harden for a few minutes.


Paleo Sugar Cookies


1 egg

10 tbsp butter (melted)

1/2 cup raw honey

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/2 cup cassava flour

2 & 3/4 cups almond flour

1 tsp vanilla

pinch of salt

additional cassava flour for rolling (approx 1/4 cup) Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Doughnut Cookies

Life has been crazy busy and I’ve been sticking to simple these past few weeks.  Simple cooking, simple cleaning, simple outfits, well I think you get the picture…simple!  About three of four weeks ago I got an e-mail from Flavor God announcing a limited edition Chocolate Doughnut sprinkle.  Around Christmas time he had a limited edition pizza sprinkle and that quickly became one of our favorites, too bad when they are gone…they are GONE!  Needless to say, his products are AMAZING and I was not about to miss out on this opportunity…off to the computer I went to order some of his new limited edition sprinkle!!  Yes, this recipe does need the sprinkle to have the full chocolate doughnut taste…without it…you get chocolate chip cookies (well kind of).  This recipe is super simple and we may have made it a few times…(like six or seven) in the last two weeks!  It’s an easy dish to create and take as a dish to pass for a BBQ!!

chocolate chip doughnut cookies Continue reading