Lime LaCroix Butt Chicken

If you are looking for a very moist chicken recipe, look no further.  My Lime LaCroix Butt Chicken is off da chain!  Yes, I went a little slang because we get excited in our house for this recipe!  The mixture of spices, flour and ghee makes the chicken taste like a deep fried chicken.  The husband and I fight over the skin because it’s crunchy and filled with amazing flavor.  I love this recipe for a few reasons, first it’s super easy and the left-overs can be turned into lots of different dishes from soup to chicken salad.  I would recommend sticking to the lime or lemon LaCroix because it does give moisture and flavor to the chicken from the inside out.

Now, I’m a proud mamma with this video.  I put lots of time into cooking/taping and editing it.  This said, I know it is not perfect. But, I’m learning the process to bring you better ones!  Sticking to our basic favorite recipes  because if they are our basic recipes, they are easy to make both in the kitchen and on the computer!!

Lime LaCroix

Lime LaCroix Butt Chicken


1 (3-4lb) whole chicken

1 tbsp cassava flour

1 tbsp ghee

1 tsp sea salt

1 tsp lemon pepper

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Sunrise Fuel

I think I can officially call myself a juicer.  Prior to January, I had an old juicer and was using it periodically, but stopping at the juicer (JuicyLeaf) in town more often than making my own.  I decided with the snow coming, I could upgrade if I truly needed an new appliance (I may hoard appliances).  So I gave myself a 30 day challenge.  If could juice with my old juicer for 30 days I could upgrade.  So I did and purchased a Breville and have not been happier!  I juice almost every morning.  At first I found it time consuming, but as time goes on I find it does not take longer to make a juice than a smoothie.  I’m loving how well my body has responded to juicing too!  I’m not a huge vegetable fan (many cause me to bloat raw) and juicing has not affected my system!

I often make sunrise fuel on Sunday mornings.  I find this is a great detoxing drink with the grapefruit, mint and lemon!  Saturday’s tend to be a day I’m exposed to dairy and the citrus helps flush my system and reduce my water retention quicker.

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It’s Berry Season

Berry Recipe Round-Up

The season of berries is upon us!  I taste a difference in purchasing fruit at the store versus purchasing it local from a farmer.  Local fruit has an amazing taste being kissed from the sun for several days.  I’ve taken my favorite berry recipes and grouped them all together for you!  I’m sure with the amazing list of recipes below, you will be able to find one, if not several to add to your menu this week!


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Smokey Steak Marinade

Spring is here!  I’ve seen the birds flying in the sky and we have started to open our windows to allow fresh air in!  I’m also starting to smell neighbors cooking on their grills!  I love the smell of charcoal and bonfire smoke.  The smell of bonfire smoke takes me up north were we spend our time sitting around the bonfire chatting or laughing!  If there is a silence among us it is because we have spotted a shooting star!

Often we are the type of family who just throws a piece of meat onto their grill and calls it great!  Occasionally, we want our meat to marinate and take on a taste of herbs and spices.  This recipe for smokey steak marinade has a great taste with the lemon and smoked paprika, each ingredient it complimenting one another and leaving for a party in your mouth!!

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Warm Crab and Artichoke Dip

When Stacy and Matt over at Paleo Parents mentioned a Cheesecake Factory Paleo Recreation Round-Up, I got very excited (link to the round-up will be posted soon)!!  I love visiting The Cheesecake Factory!  It is a treat because we do not have one locally.  When we do visit, we often get guacamole with cucumber slices as an appetizer and Chicken Lettuce Wrap Tacos.  Many of the items on their menu contain gluten or dairy which we avoid.  However, I have taken their Warm Crab and Artichoke Dip and made it dairy free and Paleo friendly!  This recipe is easy to make and enjoyed by everyone!

This recipe does need a little planning.  You will need to soak the cashews in water for 4 hours before making the dip.  This will cause the cashews to become more nutrient and have a creamy texture.

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Green Fuel

I have always been into juicing!  I make frequent visits to one of my favorite juicing places called Juicy Leaf.  However, with the holiday season and lots of nasty weather in Michigan…I have started juicing at home again.

Juicing from home has a few perks: First, I control all the ingredients I put into my drink (I think all vegetables and one green apple).  Next, if juicing in bulk…it is a bit cheaper to buy and juice my own vegetables.  Then, I know how fresh my juice is (minutes off the juicer).  Lastly, there is also the convenience of doing it in my PJ’s and laying on the sofa preparing for the day.

However, there are a few perks for getting a juice at a local juicer: First and the big selling point for me is time. It is quick and easy because sometimes I don’t have time to make my juice.  Next, I’m supporting a local company who is supporting our local farmers using fresh ingredients.  Then, I can’t forget the conversations I have with my juicing people (they may inspire me to try new things).  Lastly, it is cheaper if I just want one drink versus buying an item which give me multiple juices.

Why am I juicing?  My body can handle cooked vegetables, but eating raw vegetables causes me to bloat.  When drinking juice, I do not bloat and it helps my digestive system run smoothly.  I love the way I feel after drinking a large glass of juice.  I feel as though juicing is my green fuel giving me lots of energy!  However, I am very picky what I juice and watch the glycemic index when adding in my items.  I want fuel not a natural sugar high from what I juice.


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