Lime LaCroix Butt Chicken

If you are looking for a very moist chicken recipe, look no further.  My Lime LaCroix Butt Chicken is off da chain!  Yes, I went a little slang because we get excited in our house for this recipe!  The mixture of spices, flour and ghee makes the chicken taste like a deep fried chicken.  The husband and I fight over the skin because it’s crunchy and filled with amazing flavor.  I love this recipe for a few reasons, first it’s super easy and the left-overs can be turned into lots of different dishes from soup to chicken salad.  I would recommend sticking to the lime or lemon LaCroix because it does give moisture and flavor to the chicken from the inside out.

Now, I’m a proud mamma with this video.  I put lots of time into cooking/taping and editing it.  This said, I know it is not perfect. But, I’m learning the process to bring you better ones!  Sticking to our basic favorite recipes  because if they are our basic recipes, they are easy to make both in the kitchen and on the computer!!

Lime LaCroix

Lime LaCroix Butt Chicken


1 (3-4lb) whole chicken

1 tbsp cassava flour

1 tbsp ghee

1 tsp sea salt

1 tsp lemon pepper

1 can of lime/lemon LaCroix Continue reading

Ranchero Sauce from Down South Paleo

Recently in the mail, I received the Down South Paleo cookbook from Jennifer Robins of Predominantly Paleo.  This cookbook is stuffed full of delectable southern recipes from blondes to fried chicken to grits.  Browsing through the cookbook, I got stuck within the desert section.  Something about her blondes caught my eye and next thing I knew, I am in the kitchen creating a pan.  Keep in mind this happened after a long week of travel and pure exhaustion.  However, whipping up a batch was simple and easy…not to mention the pure satisfaction of sitting on my sofa enjoying one catching up on my Hallmark Channel DVR movie!

I’ve decided to share the Ranchero Sauce from her cookbook because it is easy to create and tastes amazing. I think often we forget eggs can be used within a meal outside of breakfast.  We have created this sauce a few times, first as a breakfast creation and then as a dinner option.  I love the heat the sauce provides (not too much but not too little).  I have even made a batch of sauce to take on our camping trip and stored it in the color over night for a great Saturday morning treat!

Jennifer recommends creating the sauce, placing it on top of eggs and tostadas/lettuce.  We have also placed the eggs on top of tostones.  Any option is amazing because the sauce is what makes the meal!

This cookbook is great for the novice to experienced chef cook.  She takes many meals which I thought were off limits due to dietary restrictions (gluten/dairy) and makes them with all natural nutrient foods.  Interested on getting your hands on this amazing cookbook?  Not only is Jennifer’s cookbook awesome, so is she!  Jennifer is going to send one lucky winner a copy of her cookbook.  Follow along on my Instagram page for the giveaway (running 8/22-8/23) details.


Ranchero Sauce


1 onion diced

1 tbsp. avocado oil (or preferred cooking fat)

¼ cup minced fresh cilantro

1 jalapeño pepper, seeded and minced

2 garlic cloves, minced

¼ tsp cayenne

8 oz crushed tomatoes

2 cups chicken stock

¾ tsp cumin

Pinch of salt if desired Continue reading

Smokey Steak Marinade

Spring is here!  I’ve seen the birds flying in the sky and we have started to open our windows to allow fresh air in!  I’m also starting to smell neighbors cooking on their grills!  I love the smell of charcoal and bonfire smoke.  The smell of bonfire smoke takes me up north were we spend our time sitting around the bonfire chatting or laughing!  If there is a silence among us it is because we have spotted a shooting star!

Often we are the type of family who just throws a piece of meat onto their grill and calls it great!  Occasionally, we want our meat to marinate and take on a taste of herbs and spices.  This recipe for smokey steak marinade has a great taste with the lemon and smoked paprika, each ingredient it complimenting one another and leaving for a party in your mouth!!

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Almond Butter Bars

I like simple and easy!  These almond butter bars are both.  All the work can be done in a food processor, then dump into a pan and bake.  I do not know of anything easier than blend, pour and bake.  I’m thinking this can be done by someone who is an expert or a novice cook.

I have to share something I’m super excited about….my sister-in-law has been cleared to eat almonds!!  As you know many Paleo bake goods have almonds and when I go home I have to be careful not to cross contaminate with her consuming my creations.  However, she just got the clear from her doctor she can start consuming the almonds and from my understanding she’s loving her new options!!

Almond butter taste varies from brand to brand. I have consumed many jars of almond butter.  I have a few favorite brands and like to rotate them when creating dishes.  I urge you to experiment and try different brands with this recipe.  Each brand has their own taste!

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Sweet Potato Skillet

The sun is shinning in the windows today and I’m excited to say, at the moment there is no snow in our 10 day forecast!  Do I dare get excited the snow is gone for this season?  I’ll take all the sun I can get!  Rising with the sun this morning inspired me to share our favorite breakfast treat with you, Sweet Potato Skillet.  It’s a yummy breakfast treat in our house.

This past week I got to chat with Kelly from A Girl Worth Saving and Liz from Paleo on a Budget on their podcast Listen Up Paleo.  I recommend you download Episode 12 (you may not stop at Episode 12).  We chatted about how to stay Paleo while traveling for the Spring Break season.  On the podcast, I share a few of my tricks for when we head to warmer climate on a vacation.  I’m slowly turning into a podcast girl.  When I drive I need sound.  I usually have music on; however, if I’m going to be in the car for a while I’ll put on a podcast.  I need to listen to a podcast from start to finish with no interruptions.  I think this has to do with being an active listener and getting it all in one dose.

I’m on day 7 of the whole30.  I’m loving this plan because it allows for sweet potatoes.  We love sweet potatoes for breakfast in our house.  This skillet tastes amazing with the sweet potato, caramelized onions, bacon and fresh mint blending together in your mouth.  The sweet potato and caramelizedonions give this dish a sweet taste.  The bacon gives it a salty taste.  Then you finish chewing and get a fresh leftover taste in your mouth from the mint.  Depending how thick you cube your sweet potatoes, may affect their baking time.  I try to cube my sweet potato small and thin to minimize cooking time.

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Paleo Blender Brownies

I like simple and this recipe is just that!  It involves the blender container and a 8×8 pan.  I don’t think my clean up process can get any better!

We recently got a Costco in our area and I’m so glad we did!  I can not get over how much cheaper their produce is.  Yes, you buy in bulk when you shop there, but I find their produce lasts for a bit of time and does not go ‘bad’ the next day.  My latest find has been dates, they are with the berries at our Costco.  A whole container costs $10.99 and has about 30 dates, needless to say….15 dates would cost me $10 at our local health food store.  This is a great deal in my world!  I love using dates to sweeten food naturally.  Occasionally I find myself having a date with a scoop of almond butter (shh, don’t tell anyone my easy snack)!

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