Pear and Pancetta Crostini

Life is crazy!  I just realized I’m behind on posting recipes.  However, I will am still getting into the grind after spring break.  I hope you follow along on Instagram because I’ve been posting pictures and providing recipes within the picture post.  With that said, below is a great appetizer to serve or enjoy it as a lunch!!

Pear and Pancetta Crostini’s will have your guests screaming for more!  The salt and sweet tastes from the pear and pancetta will have your taste buds content.  However, then you add in the neutral taste from the yucca dough and top it with mint and balsamic vinegar…taste buds will go into firework mode.  Have you had this experience?!?  The experience when you want seconds, thirds, fourths and then you realize the dish is gone and you ate more than your fair share and littley Johnny was too slow and only had one serving and is now having a melt down because his mom told him he had to clean his plate before he could have seconds…only to find out there are no more seconds present of his favorite dish because you ate them (#ithashappened).

If you are unfamiliar with yucca dough, please go visit read my quick way here.  I use this dough for several dish creations with endless options.  I love having a dough made of a root vegetable.

Pear and Proscuitto

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Cassava Dough (Stove Top)

I’ve decided it’s time to share my amazing secret cassava dough recipe.  It’s easy and tastes like bread!  Yes, it will need to deep-fried to create the texture, but you will never go any place else once you master this dough!  For my local Southwest Michigan followers, I find my grated cassava at our favorite Premier Asian Market, called Pacific Rim.  When shopping at the store, head all the way to the back when you enter and look to your right for the freezer section.  It’s normally in the first cooler on the left, when looking at it head on.

Before I go any further, I want to give full credit to Jenn at Predominately Paleo for being the Yucca Dough Queen.  Her recipe is what got me hooked on yucca dough.  Not to mention, I consult her when I have yucca dough questions…this alone tells me I’m not the expert…she is the expert.  I’ve taken her method and created a different process to get the same results.  The big difference between the process is the uses of appliances.  This process involves creating the dough on your stove top.

Yucca dough is amazing, once you figure out the process.  I know I have watched Jenn’s video numerous times to get an understanding for how to make it when I was getting started.  If you haven’t watched her video, I recommend taking a look at the consistency of the dough at the end of her recipe.  This will help you when creating it on top of the stove.  The stove top method does not get as sticky as the blender version.  I also find it forms a ball on the stove the more it cooks together.

I stumbled upon a 16oz package of grated cassava while shopping at our Oriental Store.  The store owner was very confused when I mentioned I wanted to make empanada dough from it.  She insisted it was for cakes.  Needless to say, she was fascinated when I showed her my creations with it used a dough.  This said, I can only find grated cassava at my oriental store in the frozen food section.  For this recipe, you will want the grated cassava to be defrosted, not frozen.

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Saturday Morning Cinnamon Rolls

Ever go to bed with a craving, only to wake up and have it even worse?  That’s how these Saturday morning cinnamon rolls got created!  I have been wanting a good gluten free cinnamon roll for awhile; however, I have not found one!  Needless to say, when I can not find what I want, I make it!

When creating the dough, you can start with a spoon to blend together.  However, at some point you will just be pushing around chucks on dough.  When this occurs, roll up your sleeves and knead together to form a ball.

My Saturday Morning Cinnamon Rolls are the closest I have come to having an ooey gooey center.  My husband did not stop at one, rather three…and he does not care for sweets and said they were great (and had to be stopped at three).
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