Watermelon Jello

I had a craving for Jell-O after seeing it in the grocery store this week. However, we all know jello is full of sugar and water. As I was picking up my crop share box today, I noticed a nice large watermelon. I was also very excited to see the watermelon had seeds!  A watermelon with seeds is natural, seedless watermelons are hybrid modified.

Then my head got to thinking about blending down the watermelon to water and adding some grass-fed gelatin and I could create ‘safe’ watermelon jello. This turned out great! Needless to say, I de-seeded the whole watermelon and pureed it all in my Vitamix to get 10 cups of ‘watermelon water’. I was hoping to get 3 cups…now I have a few containers of frozen watermelon juice in my freezer for the winter months. When I’m ready to create the watermelon Jell-O, I will defrost the ‘water’ and then mix in the grass-fed gelatin.

Watermelon Jello

Watermelon Jello

3 cups ‘watermelon’ water
3 tablespoons grass-fed gelatin
1. Cut watermelon in half and pick out the seeds. Then put chunks into the blender and puree the watermelon.
2. Once you have 3 cups of watermelon water, put the mixture in a pan to slightly warm it.
3. Add (3) tablespoons gelatin, one at a time. I whisked each tablespoon into the mixture.
4. Move ‘watermelon jello’ into a container to refrigerate.
*I placed mine in small containers and I had jello in 2 hours.

You can find the grass-fed gelatin on Amazon: Great Lakes Unflavored Gelatin, Kosher, 16-Ounce Can (Single)


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